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iRetina - changing the way you use eyes forever...>
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Higher Resolution
See family and friends in greater detail with more color vibrancy than ever before thanks to our high resolution backlit retina.
iPhone 4 Compatible
Make the most of the iPhone 4 display and see more of the pixels than with a regular human eye.
Connect to YouTube
Show your family and friends what you are seeing with integrated YouTube support. The iRetina is the first HD ready eyeball and supports full 720p.
For millions of years we have had to put up with regular human eyes and their low resolution retinas. Until now, we had no choice. Introducing iRetina, and the choice is even simpler...
Introducing the High Definition Eyeball

When developing the iPhone 4, it was discovered the human eye was only able to distinguish 300 pixels per inch at a distance of 10 inches. With 326 pixels per inch it was clear the human eye was not able to get the most from iPhone. Therefore we developed the world's first high definition retina and now you can get the most from everything.

We could measure the ability of this new eyeball with facts and figures, but that would totally undermine it's potential performance. The only thing you need to know about what it can achieve is "WOW!"

Robust Single Axis Rotation
The human eye is impaired by unsteady two-axis rotation. We have eliminated the wobbly eye effect by engineering all our eyes to feature single axis rotation. Who says the cleverest solutions are not also the simplest?
Great minds...
Planet earth rotates on a single axis, a design that maintained day and night operating perfectly for billions of years so you know it is a technology that will never fail.

While most eyes use a standard optic nerve connection, this universal standard comes with universal drawbacks. By using the standard iPod dock connector we can ensure the iRetina will be fully adaptable for all your future needs.

The friendliest wifi ever...

iRetina introduces a new standard in socially aware wifi. Instead of muscling in and making sure it gets its wifi first, iRetina will patiently wait for other devices to connect first and then see if there is any left to use.

When we analysed the regular human eye we found that most of it was just empty space. With the iRetina, not one cubic millimetre is wasted to ensure we give you the very best an eye can offer.
Social Networking

Ever wondered why you can't connect to Twitter with your eyeball? Ever thought your eyes would be better if they could upload to YouTube? Well we have.

iRetina allows you to connect to all the major social networking sites and upload everything you have been looking at... instantly*! Let your friends see exactly what you are seeing as you see it.

*dependent on wifi connectivity

Smart focus technology

With iRetina, you don't just look at an object, you see it in perfect clarity. To achieve that we have put special adaptive lenses in our design that automatically focus on whatever you are looking for without you having to do anything.

Vision Relevant Adverts

iRetina delivers a world beating standard of invision advertising delivering adverts that are contextually relevant to whatever you are looking at at the time.

Facial Recognition

The iRetina has built in facial recognition meaning you can identify your friends just by looking at them. No longer wait for them to have to identify themselves by speaking or wearing a name badge, simply point your eyes in the direction of your friend's face and the iRetina will tell you who they are. Magic!

Expert users will teach their friends the 'I have never been this amazed ever' open mouthed , top teeth showing smile for even speedier identification. iRetina will really put a smile on everyone's faces.

We have the most advanced manufacturing plants anywhere on the planet with a workforce committed to making you the highest quality product possible. This really is the product you need to own. These really are the eyes you need to be seeing with. This is how you get one.
Underproduced to the finest quality

If you don't have to queue for something to make sure you get it then you know it is not something worth getting the hands of every blogger

We will make sure that every news channel reports on iRetina from the first rumor, to every keynote speech, to each and every release across the planet.

Our global roll outs will seem like film premieres... but iRetina is bigger than cinema because you can't watch a movie without eyes.

Excited? You should be.

iRetina has changed the game. iRetina has changed what we expect from eyes. iRetina has changed what we had thought was possible. iRetina has changed the world.

Things will never be the same again.

Disclaimer: iRetina does not exist. It is a parody brought to you by Random Perspective. Follow me on Twitter @Alien2human.
All photographs taken from images in the public domain. Iris photo taken from Wikimedia Commons, credit to Petr Novak.